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Scrapbooking For BeginnersScrapbooking For Beginners

‘Scrapbooking’ is more than just organising photos. It's about displaying them attractively, preserving other interesting bits & bobs like concert programs, tickets, newspaper articles and, most importantly, ‘journaling’ so that in years to come anyone who looks at your scrapbook will know who you are and where you were when the photographs were taken.

You are capturing and storing a little piece of history about yourself, your life and your family.

Scrapbookers can now go one step further in their efforts to preserve their memories.  New digital print technology has dramatically reduced the cost of printing one off bound books.

This means you can design and edit your own photographic books using digital pics, scanned images, captions and text and have it professionally printed and bound at a fraction of the price it would have once cost. 

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 Essential Supplies to Begin Scrapbooking

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 How To Get Creative With Scrapbooking

 Making the Most of Your Photographs When Scrapbooking

 A Look Into Digital Scrapbooking

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