Scrapbooking for Dummies

While there are quite a few articles on Scrapbooking around the web, one question I appear to get asked the most is; How Do I Get Started Scrapbooking?

I've found only a couple of articles on this subject. Still, getting started scrapbooking is not hard at all. Here is how to start your first scrapbook project.

1. Start by gathering some scrapbook supplies. This can be something that YOU like. An excellent beginning point is a few of those loose pictures you have stashed dealt with. I love to try and keep my scrapbooks to one or two themes. For instance, one idea could be; "Fourth of July at the Lake."

2. Organize and categorize your scrapbook materials. Scrapbooks can cover any subject you want. If you keep your scrapbook to one or two subjects, then you are able to probably bypass this step. A scrapbook over a large subject like "Family" can be degenerated into manageable categories like school days, first job, first loves, family vacations, etc.

3. Visualize then Design the layout of your scrapbook. I love to take as much time as required to design my scrapbooks. I love to try and visualize how I want my scrapbook to look and how I want it laid out. I love to use short phrases or sentences to describe the pictures. I also employ titles for every page. Keep the page titles and pictures relevant. You wouldn't want photos of your first day at the job under "Our Bermuda Vacation." This is in addition the time to choose any decorations you may wish in your scrapbook. Don't overdo it!

Scrapbooking Tips

* Keep {your photo's|your photographs in an acid free photo box for best results. Shoe boxes are likewise good if you are within a strict budget.

* Be Yourself. If you're making the scrapbook for yourself, then make it how you want it! There is no law that says you should make a scrapbook this way or that way. This is the beauty of scrapbooking.

* Choose one photo to be the chief theme of your scrapbook.

* Think before you cut. New scrapbookers are so excited, they tear into their photo's and begin cropping or cutting them out in all sorts of shapes. Before cutting any photo, have a designated spot for it. Makes sure it's going to work in that spot. I favor to matt the picture in preference to cut the picture itself.

* Don't cut the Polaroids! The chemicals inside can ruin other pictures. Again consider matting and overlays.

* KISS - Keep It Simple Scrap bookers! Nothing screams "AMATEUR" more than a scrapbook with every design, sticker and decoration imaginable. Stay on a couple of shapes and designs for each theme.

Scrapbooking is amusing and addictive. Anyone can do it and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do it right as you decide which way is the correct way to scrapbook!

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