Make Your Own Scrapbook

You want to start scrapbooking, but don't know the place to begin and what you require. If this is your first time beginning to scrapbook and you do not know what you ought to get going, this article will point you in the right path.

Scrapbook Albums are where you ought to start. Locate a 12"x12" album that portrays the feel of your scrapbook theme. They come in lot of different formats, from plain colors to ones with picture inserts, in an assortment of materials.

Scrapbook Paper is the most critical ingredient of any project. Many hundreds of thousands of designs exist, and you can spend weeks looking. Make certain to purchase extras of each page in case you damage. Buy high card stock thats lignin and acid free to preserve your pictures.

Scrapbook Stickers are the next important element and come in large varieties as well.

Scrapbook Embellishments bring the creative imagination to any project. Brads, beads, clips, chipboard, tags, charms, sprinkles, rub-ons, the list is extensive. any kind of flair you can imagine exists out there at your local outlet or on the Internet.

Die cuts are cardboard or thicker stock that you cut out and adhere to your website. It adds another dimension to the page and spruces up elements in ways a sticker won't.

Calligraphy markers and different scrapbooking pens are required for any handwritten text you are going to include. There are specialty markers that can run pretty costly, but can definitely be worth it. Also be sure to check out gel pens.

Scrapbook ribbon, the name says it all. Ribbon makes great borders on the page, around pictures, or as an area of the album itself or as a bookmark.

Scrapbook Punches create special designs by punching out the paper. While you won't typically do this to the chief paper page, you can do it to other paper or die-cuts and then glue it on to your layout.

There are dozens of other supplies to use, from tote bags to scrapbook kits. Be certain to spend a little while shopping before you commence your job. In the end, shopping for scrapbook supplies is half the fun!

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