I Need To Get Started Scrapbooking

A scrapbook can be created from almost anything! There is even a video that presents you with how to use recycled beer cartons as the pages! Tools can range from ordinary paste to computer software. Tools for cutting your materials how you want them are good to have available. Such as, scissors, exacto knife, or even those page trimmers you in all likelihood used in school. Something to punch holes comes in handy as it is typical to bind pages, and attach items, with ribbon ties and such. That same video that demonstrates the application of beer cartons shows a tool she call her "crocodile". It is a hole puncher on steroids! Many look at a decent camera as a useful tool. Don't have that perfect picture to use? Possibly you can snap it and print it out.

Basically, all you need to get going is an album, some glue, a couple of scissors, and some photos or newspaper clippings. Any ribbon, fabric, or bits of leftovers from various household uses can be employed to enhance your scrapbook. You do not have to be an ingenious genius to produce a cherished reminder. On the other hand, there is no limit to how creative you can be on a project! One way to look at your scrapbook is as a fancy frame or photo album.

A good beginner's toolbox might include a paper trimmer (12 ins ought to be fine), scissors capable of cutting whatever material you have picked out, adhesive, various archival pens. That, together with your materials ought to be a good start! The investment of a plastic bin or an empty toolbox to keep all your scrapbooking tools together in one location is worth considering!

As you grow more sufficient knowledge of scrapbooking, you will see the need for lots of more tools and items. Mostly, these will be driven by what kind of materials you are cutting, hole-punching, etc. and/or you ideas for achieving a certain effect.

Find a hobby store (or craft area of a larger shop like Walmart) that has many of the materials and tools essential for scrapbooking. Many of these stores have trained employees who help novices. Often classes are provided that are either free or have to have a minimal fee to attend.

A first project scrapbook does not need to be perfect. Or, to say that another way, if you are content with the outcomes then perhaps it IS perfect! Enjoy. Have Fun. And, dare to dream of the next project. The good thing about scrapbooking as a hobby is that it is cheap and simple to start, then you are able to go as far as you require from there!

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