How to Make a Scrapbook

A powerful desire to preserve and remember your past, enrich your current and inspire hope for future generations will motivate you to start scrapbooking. Telling your unique story with photos and words long after even you have forgotten them.

The initial step to starting a scrapbook is to organize your photographs. This can sometimes be a most daunting task, especially if you have never sorted your photographs and you have boxes and boxes old photographs in your closet or beneath your bed, waiting to be put into albums. A task that you never got round to, and now you must so many photos that it seems such a large and long-drawn-out job. Get your photographs out and start to split up and collate them roughly into a day by day order of events. Put these piles old photographs in order into a safe storage box still keeping them in their order. Use smaller boxes or envelopes to keep your sorted photos separated.

Step two. Select a project to start with. You may wish to start with a special event as an example: a 21st birthday, Grand dad's 70th birthday, Christmas events in recent times. Take the photographs for this occasion out of the storage box. Using spare blank papers about the size of your scrapbook and pay for your photographs on these papers in a fashion that interests you. Rearrange your photographs on the spare pages until you are content with the possibility layout. Remember this is YOUR story so there is no right or wrong way. Keeping your photographs on the pages, pile the pages in the order you have arranged them. Store these so that they are close at hand when you've for several minutes to work on your project.

Now you are ready to start your scrapbook. Take you first page and look carefully at the photographs, discard blurry photos if it is possible. Crop (cut) your photos to emphasize or accent particular features in the photograph, it can be cropping to get rid of excess background. There are heaps of various cropping tools and cutters available on the market to simplify this task. You are now ready to place your photographs permanently on your album page. You can first mount your photo onto coloured photo-safe card or paper to enhance your page and then onto the actual scrapbook page. Next action to take is to include an account box. This to tell anybody who is looking at the scrapbook the story behind the photographs. Express your emotions and use heaps of descriptive words to give life to your photo.

Last action to take is embellish (decorate) the page with shapes or photo-safe stickers. Don't overdo this aspect as frequently time less is more. Place your page into a page protector so that pages and photos don't rub against one another thus looking after your photos money. If you carry on work like this with a few minutes a day you can accomplish and finish your scrapbook very fast at all. It is a most satisfying and inspiring feeling to finish a photo album to share with your family and friends.

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