Getting Started Scrapbooking

Have you wondered whether or not to start scrapbooking? No? There is never been a better time you know. You can locate scrapbook supplies almost all around you from specialty stores to Wal-mart and beyond. You may have noticed them in passing - papers and cards in every conceivable size, color and pattern, scrapbook kits, stickers and what they call 'embellishments' - little items that add interest or sparkle to your project.

I'd heard about scrapbooking for ages before I did anything about it. I'd even made some as a kid, although none as fancy as those around today. And judging by the stories I hear about what happens when you get hooked, it's perhaps just as well. What am I talking about? Neglect of house, husband and family - but perhaps I exaggerate - a little ( a great deal of laughs!)

I am identical to everyone else. The minute my first child was born I knew she was the most stunning child who ever existed. Everything she did, she did sooner and better than anyone who had gone before - you believed that was your child? No sorry it was mine! (Tongue-in-cheek and grins!) The camera became permanently attached to my hand as I recorded her every move.

I frequently heard, "Are you keeping a diary of when she does things?" A diary? Don't be silly, I'll always bear in mind a thing she does! Two sons, and a number of years later I hear myself say those same words to other unsuspecting new mums, and I say it again here in case that is you jot down the story of those first steps, that cute word he had before he could say the right one, that yarn she told you. Do it WHEN IT HAPPENS for all times encroaches all too quickly and robs us of many memories.

Older, Wiser and more Prepared?

OK - I'm older and wiser now - and have more time on my hands, so perhaps I'll navigate to actually organizing the photos although I can't remember the exact dates and the whole story behind each photo. And that's where scrapbooking comes in.

Scrapbooking might be said to be capturing the 'who, what, why, when and where' of life. Scrapbook supplies company, Making Memories ( says that to reminisce, record and relish are the most potent motivators when looking at scrapbooking. Because human relationships, thoughts and feelings are so near to the female heart the world over, scrap booking has become the greatest activity in the craft and hobby industry.

What should I scrapbook?

Considering the aim of your scrapbook will help you identify what to put in it. As an example do you want to document one child's life - baby to graduation, wedding and beyond? Or your loved ones life - doing things together or family vacations?

A scrapbook can cover a short period: hours of a special birthday; days of a holiday; weeks of a school year; or a lifetime, as in a heritage album of your moms and dads or grandparents. The decision is yours and your decision will define your scrapbook.

Your goal will also determine merchandises you may wish to use. Consider whether you want to create your own from scratch or buy ready to use scrapbooking supplies. As a novice I'd suggest looking through for free scrapbook layout advice and purchase some of the items suggested to get you commenced as these are all coordinated to work together. I still make the mistake of buying items that catch my eye without thinking far enough in advance about where and with what I'll give them a try. Consequently I have many scrapbooking stickers papers, brads, ribbons, flowers and other embellishments I'm still waiting to find the appropriate colors to match with them!

The world wide web is a good resource for scrapbookers. Many internet stores also show you how to do things. Take a peek at for instance. even has a university!

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