Get Started Scrapbooking Today

Do you have piles of photos stuffed into cabinets? Boxes of them? Old style "magnetic" photo albums splitting with photos, clippings and memorabilia? Have you ever looked at them and wished you could organize them into stories and share with other people your feelings about the occasions and people in those photos?

Have you ever seen a modern day scrapbook? Wished you could express yourself creatively through telling stories about your ancestors, your children, your everyday life? Thought it was so daunting that you didn't know where to start?

Have you ever walked through a scrapbook outlet or the scrapbook department in a craft store and been completely overwhelmed, not knowing what you need, what's the "best", how to start?

Agonize no more! This article will give you the very basics you should dip your toe into the field of scrapbooking. Plainly there is much more you can study scrapbooking such as page composition, color theory, an infinite number of methods and embellishment tips; the list is endless. Of course, with so much to offer, getting started can seem very overwhelming and here I will try to present you some facts and steps for starters confidence.

Scrapbooking has been around forever and was a favorite leisure pursuit in the Victorian era. Women saved dried flowers, scraps of fabric from favorite dresses, letters, ticket stubs, all types of memorabilia and notes in books. The on-going scrapbooking craze was started by a woman who created several "memory books" in the 1970's to chronicle her ancestors. She brought these books to a conference and individuals were inspired to create their own. In 1981 she opened the first known Scrapbooking outlet and everyone knows the rest of the story.

Now, scrapbooking is a multi-billion dollar industry, spawning magazines, books, stores, sites, blogs, discussion groups; everywhere you turn men and women are scrapbooking!

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